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Posted by RobotEthanMars

Seraph's Embrace is so cute.

Posted by Haethos

Seraph is so adorable ;_;

Posted by kyuu

Why is that OnGamers put (First Name) (Last Name) on Western people but (Last Name) (First Name) on Asian people? Pretty confusing

Posted by skyboy

im going to see there sponsor selleyeayour

Posted by VexaraX

Another Trav + DL classic made me LOL, great job Trav!

Too bad other ape like team owners are too short sighted which I think comes from being one step closer to a monkey then normal humans wont allow for interviews. HSGG is a god!


Posted by Taobender

What a fun interview

Posted by ilikelasers

In Korea the last name comes first.

Posted by cracktr0

You're part of the problem.

Nobody here knows who you are, where you come from, or what the fuck you are doing. Yet you feel compelled to inject your pathetic .02. Calling someone an ape basically removes the chance that anyone will EVER take anything you say seriously.

You are a racist bigot POS, but you already knew that didnt you. And for the record, I think regi is d-bag, but I have solid points to make that argument so I dont need to bring his likeness to any animal into it.

Posted by Jorgie

Seraph is getting soo much more comfortable and it shows. I'm glad he's happier now and actually is confident in his performance. :)

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Seraph is da bes

Posted by DominusMordi

@vexarax Will someone ban this kid from the site, he's ridiculously racist and offensive.

Posted by itgoestwilightthenrarityalsorainbowsdarlings

People are too socially akward to be commenting here.

Anyway, this isn't a bg deal. Just a tournie, dont need a interview everyday

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Is that PSY?

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You are missing the point, I never thought of Regi as an ape or a monkey man until he banned Free SM from doing interviews with Travino because of opinion he didn't like from SI. I think and have thought Regi is a liar, bully, bad leader, this opinion came from watchiing his stream, game cribs, and him firing his own brother, but as a CLG fan I am pretty happy about this because it limits Free SM's future, and chances at making worlds.

Once I start seeing Trav who had nothing to do with SI get his interviews back with FREE SM I will stop making these comments they are shout outs that are directed toward Regi's shortsighted no Travino Interview policy that were made solely because he can't defend his recent roster decision making.

I will continue to make comments, its called Freedom of Speech. I support SI Monte, Thorrin, and Travis and OnGamers.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Every 60 seconds a Redditor takes offence at this own likeness to an ape. Together we can stop this. Please raise your dongers in solidarity to combat this pernicious form of butthurt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Posted by aphromo

seraph's voice sounds so sexy, i just wanna stick my finger in my butt <3

Posted by JS

OnGamers where is Summoning Insight?? Please don't cancel your best show just because of that hiccup last episode

Posted by violetgil

? um...okay?

Posted by neogenzim

@kyuu asian names work that way, the family name always comes first. Whereas europe only began to have last names when it became necessary for census to be made, asians had always identified themselves and thereby their objectives by what came first: family. i guess that's some kind of explanation. anywho, i think that writing the asian names in correct order was very sensitive, professional and impressive of them. seraph is fucking hilarious. :))))

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Embrace Seraph, Travis. Not hugging someone back is rude. Except if that someone is DLift, as everyone knows.

And Family Guy taught me that Asian people don't drive very well (again, not my words) so at least it's nice to know DLift is Bronze and not Wood lol