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Disagree with everything he is saying. I started with DoTA and moved between DoTA2 and LoL. The issue here and in most cases is that people cannot let go of what they think a "MOBA" game should be. They fail to see that this isn't DoTA2 2.0 or LoL 2.0 this is HoTS! People need to be open to change and new things in order to understand this game.

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Wow, i highly disagree on his opinion that this cant be competitive because there isnt lasthitting and there is shared exp and it is "snowbally".

This maybe wont be that much competitive because of less interest of Blizzard, but i think this has really good potential to be great, even competitive, game. Competitive in LoL is much more about teamplay, which is much more supported by this game. And there are decisions that must be made like "should we get skulls or push the base?" and these will be in every game, which i think will be much more fun.

To the thing that there is so much snowball: thanks to the objectives and no items there is much higher chance to comeback than in LoL. Now in LoL when one team wins teamfight they likely get another advantage of it, then another teamfight, another advantage and GG. I would watch this maybe even more likely than LoL

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Why do you guys interview Lift so much?

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Travis and Lift are besties.

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Here's my thinking (my 50 cents) on the matter regarding the game:

Once I wrote that the game doesn't have an end-game.. And that's I believe true..

Have one conclusion (or at least from that we've been shown) that the game doesn't seem to have some worthy "in-game" decision making.. Or at least if there are - all of them are the "right now" type of decisions.. There's no "the next thing" if you understand me what do I talk about..

Sure - like - you can "gather skulls or push" is the choice, but the problem with that is - you can't "postpone" your usage.. There's not a "postpone" usage mechanic in the game.. And all of them are "right-now-oriented", or at least seem so.. There's nothing to "raise to defend" (except summoner-type-heroes having ulti of the kind).. Everything is designed to "push", and by push I mean of the "right-now" push type thing..

I guess it can be just "map-related" rather than game-related, still - would like to see some kind of "postpone" usage, and maybe even "sharing" of things like that..

Like for example if instead of skulls being only in the mines down below (only when they open), if say there were skulls dropping above as well (1 per mercenary camp, dropped by the boss), and then you could like decide to "invest" your own loot or not into the current "summoning lap" or sth, or wait to gather more for something that could be more stronger later on.. And even better - imagine if the team could decide who would get all those skulls, or divide them between for repeatable usage..

IDK what talent-trees are there, but for me for example - Naziba or IDK - Valla to me seem like "rush-type" of heroes, whether Arthas for example seems like pretty weak until later stages in the game (like before having Saphiron or the army of the undead around him)..

IDK if that's the case or not (haven't played the game and don't know the talents and such), but if there's not any type of a non-rush type investment in the game, feels too much like "time-rush" of the same game over and over, only with different hero.. Like as if you were playing same game over and over again. And by having that as the game-core-mechanic you also give advantage to the "rush-type" heroes over the other ones, and by doing that - you also have a nightmare of balance, cause each hero would have to "have a chance" vs each out on the field..

IDK if Blizz realizes that the "defeat-minions-to-join", the "a step above (as they describe it)" it's only a rush mechanic in it's nature, and there needs to be something "more" to counteract that would be better the more unused it gets or the more it's waited for..

By not having anything that's "late-game" related - the "rush-type" heroes are severely at advantage and the "late-game" heroes are severely at disadvantage IMO

Posted by Sumfun

While I respect Lift as a LoL player I can't take his opinion on Heroes objectively as I don't believe he can give an unbiased opinion of the game. He is payed by Riot to be a caster, he plays League for a living (conflict of interest?). Thanks for the effort but I'm not sure anyone should put stock in this opinion.