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Why does the player stops if i change the window size? (Google chrome and every time)
I'm trying to watch vieos on this site but every time I resize the browser window the player freezez and i have to reload, which is a really bad bug, and upon reloading I have to watch advertising again which is iritating,

If you need help with the website I might be able to help just plz fix this.

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hahah lol at the misc faggot at the end

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i told them this a long time ago when they first released the site, and was basically told i should just not resize my windows ever.

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The way CLG stepped up since Dexter is back is really impressive. I hope they don't lose their sharp rotations and decision making over time now that monte is back in Korea but instead keep improving. #CLGS4IBELIEVE

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Lol. every video with doublelift and travis = hilarious.

Spin off series? Travis and double lift share a cab. The episode will have nothing to do with a cab until the very end. Imagine the possibilities.

But seriously, if i had any kind of talent in compiling videos to where it didn't look like a 15 year old did it, i would compile every single travis/doublelift video together, and also every doublelift/travis joke every made into a feature length movie. I would sell out the box offices. And I would take all credit and not share a dime with either travis or doublelift, because thats how they do it in hollywood. do i have to put just kidding?

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This was a funny interview. Doublelift seems like a cocky guy, but in a funny nondouche way. The endless metaphors cracked me up, as well as the ending!