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What a great guy!

Posted by LoneWarrior96

Great Interview, surprised at how well he can speak english. Glad to see EG making changes to hopefully get closer to the top level.

Posted by MegaAaron

Seriously impressed by Helios's english. Great interview and love the honest reasons he gave. Altec really cute, and I like CLG.EU guys. I would say his confidence with english might be higher than Seraph.

Posted by skyboy

i wouldn't say he has better english than seraph but hes way more outspoken

Posted by Kayel

I worried about EG's team communication when I heard a Korean was coming over but watching this interview made me glad that it was Helios they brought over. His english is great!

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I had no idea Helios was so personable, even without perfect English! Awesome, I really hope to see more.

Posted by Wreckognized

I knew Helios since Season 2 but I never saw an interview or heard him talk. Absolutely love this guy!

Posted by johno

Helios, you have a new fan! I love your attitude! Hope you have fun in the states!

Posted by ognigasmooth

i fucking love helios! i hope they make play offs and get far actually i hope they get to worlds

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Oh wow he's really nice! So cool to see a Korean player come to the NA scene to compete :D

Posted by Photofluid

I don't think the english is Helios is any better than seraph in fact, just that he is more confident about speaking with a language that he is very unfamiliar with, probably the place where the age difference comes to work, or simply because helios is used to be very vocal.

Btw, I do believe EG has Korean players in Sc2 and probably some games else, wondering if Helios somehow befriends them.

Posted by Tkidding

Helios is such a nice guy

Posted by JS

I really like Helios' personality, I never knew him to have such a good attitude before this interview. Very personable guy :)

Posted by Jorgie

Yeah his English isn't better than Seraph's it's just that he's so confident and open that it seems like it. Watch the newest interview with DL and Seraph and you'll see that Seraph is a bit more confident so it seems like his English has improved. Either way, love both these guys and hope people start to like them more. :)

Didn't realize Helios was this open. "Altec is very cute!" I love him!

Posted by BlitzzFrank