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Damn that was a really good interview by Regi ;^)

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My conjecture is that XDG wanted to swap Zuna around so that he could shotcall still. He tried it in the Jungle and sucked. It didn't matter when Bloodwater was leaving or how he was performing because support is the next best place to shotcall from. Bloodwater and XDG's owner both said that bloodwater was willing to stay through all of the summer split. That's a whole year worth of commitment. You can pick up a support in the offseason and train them without the ridiculous upheaval that happened.

It was all Kenma's idea. Kenma said in an interview that he switched MuffinQT with Bloodwater because Zuna asked. Mancloud said during a stream that Kenma was the one that brought up and pushed the first role swap. Its a huge conflict of interest. Also Regi is under the impression that the owner is the person making the decisions. Multiple sources have said that he does what Kenma suggests.

The owner also f-d up by retiring Bloodwater without asking if he was actually retiring at the moment. This shows that he lacks communication with the team. His AMA also showed that he doesn't exactly know what is happening with the team.

I think Regi is as misinformed as the fans. I know I don't know shit, but I at least I read the AMA's and I watched the vids and the vods. I think Regi is sticking up for the owner because he is thinking about what he would have done. He is closer to his players and is more informed about the game so that he can make his own decisions. You just have to read the owner's AMa to know that he is not.

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Yeah I feel Regi was a bit misinformed/got his facts messed up, although it was a very good video. Didn't even notice it was 15 minutes long. Hopefully you do a longer one with Regi in the near future.

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I disagree about BloodWater. If you are facing relegation you want the best players you can get. I'd keep him to see if we could avoid being relegated, then I'd think about replacing him if he still wants to leave.

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On Bloodwater, neither way is really wrong. Regi approaches things as a win worlds perspective and if you want your team to be the most prepared to fight on the largest stage, you need to start building synergy now. I believe its why he waited until this split to retire to give Bjergsen more time to mesh with the team going into worlds. But by doing that, absolutely you risk being put to relegation this split and not even getting that shot. Its risk vs reward. Do you risk losing what you have to possibly obtain something great, or are you content to be good because it means you probably have a job 4 months from now.

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Well when we are talking about XDG there isn't a risk vs reward, if you look at how they are playing they are most likely going to get relegated. They either replace the problem on the team or they will be relegated.

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Regi is misinformed/got his facts wrong? LOL are you guys serious? You think you that you all know FACTS about whats going on with XDG because you read articles on the internet and read AMA's? Rofl....not that i care for XDG, but Regi is around every LCS team every week, and knows what he is talking about LOL. Saying that Regi is misinformed or that he doesnt read whats said on reddit is completely retarded. Why would he speak on the issue if he has no clue whats going on? You people are cancer.

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Regi was misinformed danbo0. Bloodwater said that he wanted to retire AT THE END OF SEASON 4, not after Spring Split. He was planning on being with the team for summer split and worlds (if they made it).

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Man, watching Regi is always frustrating. He talks so much crap. He did about Coast right before the match and his team lost to him. If only he'd learn to be quiet or say he doesn't know instead of commenting about everything and saying nothing.

Personally, I don't care if NA is better than Korea. I only see NA fight Korea once a year at worlds. I like the personalities of the players because that's what makes the LCS great. Our scene has heart. You get some pro-gamers that are easy to relate to and have personalities that are fun, like Nintendude X or QTpie or Voyboy or Doublelift or Dyrus. Their personalities and their quirkiness is a lot easier for me to remember than the plays they make, like when Dyrus was like "High five camera man!" or QTpie is jamming out to "2 Chainz" or Voyboy talking about his birthday parties as a kid or Doublelift being Doublelift or just how sincere NintendudeX was in his reflections video. It is genuine and honest and makes me think NA is the best scene because we rule at cool and look good on the rift.

Turning the LCS into some brutal working environment where players are worked all the time just for the sake of winning seams pretty crappy to me. I am really competitive but honestly, winning isn't everything. Having friends and a network of people that pick you up when you fall is a hell of a lot more important than just holding some trophy. You always pick up the trophy, never the other way around. If you couldn't enjoy the ride to get there then why make yourself miserable for a fleeting moment?

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Regi is an idiot.....

At one point he says you have to take it from the "make it to worlds" perspective.......but before that he says they might not even make it to the next split with the way its going.

Bloodwater was a godsend for the team, they instantly started wrecking in the LCS when he joined.

Removing him just guaranteed they don't make it to next split, which taken from a "make it to worlds" perspective is an objective mistake.

This is a primary example of why people generally consider management incompetent, in one fell swoop he managed to contradict himself.

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travis you are the best

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Maybe you should try watching How I Met Your Mother or perhaps some reality shows if you care more about personalities than the game itself?

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Reply to arunash1

"Turning the LCS into some brutal working environment where players are worked all the time just for the sake of winning seams pretty crappy to me. I am really competitive but honestly, winning isn't everything. Having friends and a network of people that pick you up when you fall is a hell of a lot more important than just holding some trophy. You always pick up the trophy, never the other way around. If you couldn't enjoy the ride to get there then why make yourself miserable for a fleeting moment?"

Do you understand the term E-SPORTS? Just like any professional sports there are seasons where players compete. And there are off-seasons where players enjoy their life away from the game. You have to realize that they are getting PAID to do their job. If they want to play non-competitively, twitch is always welcoming streamers.

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Reply to ravensraylewish52,

I understand that this is a job, but one's job doesn't have to be your life. Regi compared the NA scene to the Korean scene by saying how much more time the Korean players put in the game, and thus having less of a social life. He talks about how they don't have girlfriends, strict schedule, etc. Yes, they are paid to play, but that doesn't mean that their job has to be their life, giving up everything else.

Ultimately, Regi benefits the most if their players give up more for his brand. His brand gets more sponsors, money, etc. That money goes into management's pockets. It doesn't seem to be 'trickling down' because E-sports athletes are still underpaid. Why do you think that there's the potential of unions being formed? So players stop getting taken advantage of and can get something better.

In regards to streaming, you still have to play at a very competitive level for people to want to watch, become a twitch partner and make money. No one wants to watch silver/bronze/gold/platinum players stream.

Do I understand the term E-sports? Yes. Do we have a different understanding? Yes. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I feel like you want the most competitive matches for your enjoyment when watching the LCS. I can understand that and I also want really good matches, but at the same time I feel empathy for people who are overworked, underpaid so a larger entity benefits. For that entity to demand more for the same or less salary from its employees is unfair its employees.

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You act like these players are working in sweatshops. Dyrus, Oddone, and Xspecial have been competing for three years straight. I think they would retire their first year if they are unhappy with their earnings.

There are plenty of non-competitive players making a living off of twitch. Who are these players? Wingofdeath 150k followers/ Nightblue3 230k followers with an average of 15k viewers/Trick2g 230k followers. Solo queue isn't at all competitive. Your viewers and followers are still there even if you lose.

You want to know the people who are overworked and underpaid? College students. Students don't even get paid. They have to spend their own money for college, spend hours studying, going to some classes that they don't even enjoy, and pulling all -nighters. What is the reason for doing this? Hopefully to earn a degree and get a decent paying job. Compare that to professional gamer where you are provided food, a home, computer equipment, and money from sponsors. How many people can say that they are making a living playing a game? Not much. So you should also have some empathy for college students.

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Right now, it isn't that way now. That's why I said, "turning the LCS into...". However, Reginald, in this interview, is pushing for a stricter environment. I don't agree with that.

In regards to your twitch comment. These are the outliers of the streamers. They have the most viewers by far. This isn't the rule for everyone. Once you go beyond the top streamers, the numbers drop dramatically. Adding more people to twitch, only increases the supply of streamers but the demand isn't proportional. Most streamers don't have exclusive fans. You listed three streamers yourself. You have to choose one to watch, leaving the other two unwatched (assuming these are the three you watch).

In addition, there's a trend I've noticed from the last year of watching twitch streams. A streamer's views decay and along with it, their revenue also decays. Chaox was really popular for a while when he first started streaming, reaching the 10K marks daily. Now they're in the few thousand. Vman7 went from about 5K to usually less than 1K. etc.

New people come in to the replace the old. Streamers have to stay competitive to stay on top. There are some people that will be safe for sometime, but they'll eventually lose their steam unless they can innovate as a streamer to retain their views.

In regards to college students? Yes. I agree they are overworked and underpaid. I have empathy. I was a college student and then I graduated. Although this isn't relevant to E-sports, but I'll respond anyway. College is a service industry. The students are the customers paying for an educational service. The school makes money off of them or their parents money. Some students are loaded. Some are poor. Most in the middle. What do they all have in common? The school takes their money for their interests. Does this suck? Yes. Is this going to change? No. Welcome to life.

To tie the education industry to the E-sports business, the viewers are the students. We watch, they benefit. Who benefits? Riot games benefits the most. Then they give low salaries to most of their players. Most of the salaries are pretty terrible.

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Honestly I don't know why I commented in the first place. I can't change your views no matter how hard I try. I'm going to move on with my life. I don't have a clue what this site is about.

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So Regi's a smart guy, and a lot of what he's saying makes sense. What gets me though, is that he puts team success in terms of "can they win at worlds?" Well, part of what makes the esports economy go around is fans. It's all well and good for TSM to focus on winning, they have the biggest fanbase of any NA teams. I somehow doubt that TSM would be in such a good position if everyone in NA hated them. This is what I see as a problem for XDG. If their management/team feels that they need to swap things around, I think they should be as upfront and transparent about it as possible. They've gotten a lot of hate and lost a lot of fans this season. They should try to run damage control on their reputation as best they can if they have to make drastic changes.

You also have to address the issue of relegation. Winning worlds is great, but if I'm living comfortably and someone says that I can flip a coin: heads I get a sizeable raise, tails I'm fired. What do I do? I can handle driving a Ranger instead of a Hummer.