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Posted by Eoure

I'm not a pretty girl, but I love you too Seraph :D

Posted by Haethos

damn, his english is getting really good

Posted by VexaraX

Good interview glad to see Seraph improvement, English getting better!

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OMg wen he struggles with the sponsors!!! <3

Posted by aphromo

serpah's voice sounds so fking sexy i just wanna stick my finger in my butt

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Awesome guy you are. Don't let those haters bring you down. Makes me feel really bad cause he's having a hard time and I don't know why people are going so aggro on him. Usually gaming and the internet in general is a place where you can forget about your problems and relax, and usually everyone is welcome, so I really don't get what the hell is going on for people to treat him like trash.

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CellLOMO at09:20 :D