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Posted by legendaryabysss

The salt is real.

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The lighting makes thorin look like an angel.

Posted by Dontea

Get Loco Back screw what Regi want's, you can probably blackmail him with something can't you?

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Good episode, don't know why thin skinned people watch and complain, its like they have nothing better to do. Well keep doing what you guys do, will continue to support, since I enjoy it.

Though yellowstar said that EU got stronger, oppposite to what monte said,

Posted by Kayel

Glad to see that the show is back.

Posted by EgidijusDapkus

Where are "the timetable of topics"?

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LOL that salty intro. Also is Monte wearing eyeliner?

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Monte going to clg and Loco going to TSM is different. 1) Monte wasnt there in person as he mentioned. 2) Loco actually has a wwhole new set of guys that havent played together, they played about 10 games and a bunch of scrims, i dont think TSM is as old of a team as Monte likes to say. Only dyrus and turtle are the remaining players of old and they never had a leadership position in the team. 3) Egos Monte had to coach Doublelift and Chauster (bigfatlp, not cause of his ego jsut him being from old clg) just dl and chauster too opinionated and giant egos. TSM has no alphas on their current team all followers or new comers into the scene, i feel Loco got a easier time so it MAY work out faster for TSM than CLG had to go through.

Posted by tariss

another great epsiode keep it coming

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Arent u guys already bored with all of this bashing, its your right to criticize but cmon man , you do it in every episode.

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That intro was Hilarious xD, is Monte still in NYC ?

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Alright pussies a little criticism never hurt so clean the sand out and lets get back to the show.

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Funny to see that Thorin still doesn't understand what it's all about.

This show is controversal, noone will deny that, but that's not the point. The whole case was about Thorin comparing Regi with a Monkey. This is a personal insult (and Thorin knows very well about the history of Regi and this kind of insults) and far away from (constructive) criticism.

Now why is he making such a big deal about how the world wants to forbid him to trash talk and criticize things when in fact he was just punish for the insult? Is he really such a simple minded person?

Posted by kyuu

I won't name players, but some of the players family in CJ organization "donates" much money :) They won't release them unless they resign themselves.

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It's only controversial if you yourself are a simple minded person. The Regi remark was a play on the popular Twitch joke. It was easy hanging fruit and Thorin took it; call him a low brow humourist if anything. Grow a pair or GTFO.

Edit: if you're pissed off about your own resemblance to an ape, blame your progenitors for your shit genetics, not Thorin.

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Most people do not get the idea of the show, and or why it was created. Ask yourself these few questions.

Do the comments motivate the lower regions to improve so they can make it to worlds? YES

Do the people making the comments want the NA and EU regions to win a world championship? YES

Would Monte and Thorin even like to see an NA team like TSM win worlds? YES

Frame the commentary based on these questions being answered yes, then ask yourself if you had the skill-set and abilities of Monte and Thorin how would use those skills to change repeating set of mistakes in those regions. You might create a show to give out free advice so they can improve. Loco got his job on TSM from being on the show, if Loco helps TSM get to worlds, then the show has given TSM a tool they were not using to make this happen and Regi should pucker up and kiss THorin's Hairy Bean Bag every day of the year and 2x on Tuesday!

I have watched or listened to every episode 5 or more times each, and I love the show, best thing that has happen to the LOL community ever! If the people who are responsible for the e-sport we love Riot, Team Owners, Players, Casters, etc are never held accountable for the mistakes they make then they will never change and make them over and over again and the sport will not take over the world which is the current trajectory.

One thing from this episode that I wish was a little clearer, was a few numbers related to TSM pick and ban phases how many games has TSM won when they are given Lee Sing and Thresh, it seems to me that those champs need to be top ban priorities for every team until TSM can prove that they can win another way. I know this number is very high, they seem to lose every game Amazing is on another jungler.

Why do I point this out? I am CLG fan and then a NA region fan second, if by some miracle FreeSM gets to worlds and then any smart team will ban them out by knowing this information I have stated above.

I assume they will figure it out, now if FreeSM cant win with out these champs then I dont want them at worlds, if they make it and CLG does not then I want FreeSM to win even though I hate Regi personally.

Why because FreeSM is from NA. I hope this logic makes sense to you. I am hoping for a CLG / DIG / C9 ending to this season. I love LMQ but they could do one more NA season to make worlds, if TSM goes to relegation I would be greatly pleased, this all comes from me hating people like Regi in this world succeeding by bullying people around and being a general asshole, I will never want to see a person like this get ahead. It's too bad I really like Dyrus.

Posted by SBthorin

Wow, the implications.

If it is just a "twitch joke" or a serious personal insult shouldn't be decided by you, but by the person it concerns. And guess what, Regi was offended by it. So I guess it's a bit more than just a stupid twitch joke?!

And it's not about me to "grow a pair or GTFO", it's about ongamers losing a big partner to cooperate with, only because Thorin had to make this stupid "joke". And as I said earlier, he still hasn't learned from it or the intro wouldn't be as it is.

Posted by Ascarion

The audio quality really needs improvement. This is not on the level of something I would expect from a professional site like ongamers.

Otherwise, it was a great show as usual. Keep it up.

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As a response to SBthorin-

You are like a chirld.. realy dude he apoligized about the Ape comment, the day after, and went bashing Regi for not being very mature and banning Travis from interviewing the tsm team, on the concept that they share the same opinion... now thats bullshit, and itsnt true.

now what he did was over the line, and a racist remark, but reginal is not a person who should speak about racist remarks.. Thorin is right, reginal is behaving like a kid, which he is, and not the best to actual run his brand, he is a pioneer, a passionate man, and passion for a cause is good, and passion for a brand is also good and all, but not the best way to handle it, in a international level, its a company, and he isnt equip for it all, he is only human, and therefor cannot be everything.

And what world do you live in?, Disney land?. Here they discuss it with logical arguementations, yes Its Reginalds decision to ban Ongamers, Its his decision to Ban Loco from appearing on the show, but why?, Cause what they say can hurt the players and the coach feelings.. now in korea they actualy knew about feelings, of the players, so they ban THEM from watching it, so freedom of speach is uphold, and not a premature decision, if you had ever watched Thorins grilled interviews, you would know he is caple of holding his ego back, for the sake of the player in the interview, and therefor he does know what have happend, and is fully aware of the signal he is sending and the stand he is making, but fucking belittling Travis cause Thorin said something is so out of the way its fucking ridicul.. Reginal should have said following, I am banning my players from comming on Summoning insight, and Loco doco who is our new coach is also not to appear on the show anymore, furthermore we are banning the players from interviews and social media, untill our preformence is up on pair, with our intentions. now thats a matture statement, about a show, that he will not be apart of, and dont want his brand to have any relations to. the other thing, is strongholding opinions about his team, which is fucking chirldish.. its like saying, if you dont feel the same way about this, then i will not talk to you, or your friends...

Posted by Mr_Shingi

Its not like the WHOLE community compared Regi to a monkey before right? I mean the community would never do something like that and be toxic at all, but as soon as someone that you dont like does it as a joke everyone gets their panties in a twist and have to grab a pitchfork and go hunting for heads because their lives are so shallow, empty and pointless they have to do it in order for their egos to fill with attention. If you dont like the show dont watch it, its that simple, no one cares if your feelings were hurt, grow up.

Posted by JS

Summoning Insight returns! Thank GOD!! I thought it was going to be cancelled because of some emo children. This is the best league talk show by far

Posted by Cheesefry

lol emo children.

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can you release this as an audio podcast so I can download and listen to it easier?

Posted by Hockeygod9911

Butthurt TSM fan.

Posted by ngator

WHen is SI 14??