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Posted by lolfan

If we could simply substitute indubitably for definitely...

Posted by Demiruu

Well done dude! I love the thing you do and I am happy to see you in EU..Keep it up..all the best from Croatia! :)

Posted by wertuy6785

Travis I love you don't forget to come back to us </3

Brittany tho we believe in you!

Posted by LeisureSuitHulk

At least now we'll be spared from 50 Doublelift interviews per week, at least for a while.

Posted by swkim110

Is there a place where you can ask her questions? or has she done or will she be doing an AMA?

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There is two of us from Croatia, some1 will think we're a big country.

Posted by Derpcloud

Going to miss Travis but she is cute so it's k :D

Posted by Neji

I love the doublelift and travis stuff. I guess they can't make everyone happy :p

Edited by Varega

Super impressed with how Brittany is doing so far. Great content dudes!