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CLG Shooter or Shoot so it's less than 6 letters. He used to play a ton of CS and he's potentially the biggest shotcalling contributor.


Gunz since he used to play it with Dyrus.

Trick because that's what Double calls him.

Brian...not too original but hey.






Im Ahn One

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Thoughtz cause i had a lot of thought's on what i thought of you: you thought a lot during the questions, there where very concise answers, well put. so i know i broke the letter rule but it's still good and original.

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Cool interview, love this website design. Do you play any CS:GO? I miss how many local lan tournaments CS used to have =(.

My suggestions:

ThinkZ, a play on ThoughtZ above.

CkritZ, like critical strikes and its also an anagram of TrickZ

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How about raz. You know, trickz... A little razzle dazzle. Plus you're razor sharp, you're always on point. And zeds are dope. Double en... Yeah

Ps clg fan since first wcg victory. gg

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2Tricks (Totally original, in no way shape or form related to 2Chains)

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ShotZ, WaveZ - You can thank me later.

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for obvious reasons:

CLG Voize like voice

thought you want to keep your z

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CLG Trixx <--- There ya go :)!

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TalkZ - In the interviews with Aphro and Doublelift, they both mentioned how well Brian talks/communicates.

ShootZ - Throwback to CS

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GunZ (since him and Dyrus played gunz and he played CS which obv uses guns)